One Hundred Horrible Halloween Hits
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Halloween Hits WitchSomething a bit special from the team at Wireless Waffle as we bring you a list of a hundred horrible Halloween hits. Initially published to celebrate the release of the 'moonlight' channels to radio amateurs in the UK, this list remains here for no particular rhyme or reason. It's just a collection of ghastly, ghoulish songs to darken any party.

Before you get upset about the fact that your favourite ghoulish song is not on the list, then don't, as there are probably a thousand more songs that would be appropriate for playing on October 31. Also, each artist is only featured once, even if they had multiple hits with the appropriate level of deadliness and doom (otherwise the list would be dominated by the likes of Iron Maiden!) What's more, only songs with a vaguely Halloween theme are included, as opposed to any bands whose names are of a grim and fiendish demeanour, otherwise there would be a myriad of heavy metal bands whose names alone would put them on the list (e.g. Angel Witch, Grave Digger and Grim Reaper).

You can download almost all of these files in mp3 format from Amazon and the links are provided for you. There are also links to YouTube where you can watch the video, now how helpful is that?
Exactly where you end up when you have been taken away into the night is unclear, but that adds to the mystery.
666 (2001)
I'm the D-E-V-I-L or so 666 tell us. In fact that's all they tell us in this rather repetitive song.
Maybe a bit upbeat for this collection but what better night to murder love than Halloween?
Highway To Hell
AC/DC (1979)
Though many regard the London Orbital Motorway as the highway to hell, it is in fact somewhere completely different.
Adamski (1990)
Don't get too close, you don't want to end up dead - exactly like a zombie isn't.
Freak Like Me
Adina Howard (1995)
The freaks come out to play at Halloween, and Adina wants to join them.
I Put A Spell On You
Alan Price Set (1966)
Presumably casting spells is the remit of witches and warlocks, which makes Alan Price what exactly?
That Ole Devil Called Love
Alison Moyet (1985)
Probably the least famous depiction of old Beelzebub, the one in which he is loving and kind!
Andy Williams (1969)
Andy Williams being spooky does not really compute, but then again nothing does compute when it comes to Halloween.
Love Song For A Vampire
Annie Lennox (1993)
Remembering what vampires do, Miss Lennox can keep her love song to herself, and we'll keep our necks intact.
Broken Angel
Arash Featuring Helena (2010)
A broken angel, a fallen angel, in fact any kind of angel that isn't as pure as they should be is the perfect topic for Halloween.
Blinded By Fear
At The Gates (1995)
Go and take a listen to this song and if you aren't frightened by the eerie introduction, listen to it again, but this time really really loud.
Hunting For Witches
Bloc Party (2007)
Hunting for witches is a pass-time that should be only really be undertaken by undertakers or others with a deathly demeanour.
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
Blue Öyster Cult (1976)
Should one fear the reaper or not? Some say yes, but the Blue Öyster Cult say no.
On Our Own
Bobby Brown (1989)
The theme tune for the movie Ghostbusters II no less. About a scary as a cute, slimy ghost or two.
Monster Mash
Bobby 'Boris' Pickett &
The Crypt Kickers
I was working in the lab, the other night... Was there ever a more appropriate song for Halloween than this?
Wanted Dead Or Alive
Bon Jovi (1987)
Wanted dead or alive? What about all the intermediate stages that abound at this time of year?
I Want Candy
Bow Wow Wow (1982)
Handing out candy to Halloween revellers dressed in old white bed-sheets is traditional. Trick or Treat?
Charlene Soraia (2013)
Dressing up as ghosts is always popular, and this song follows that age old tradition.
The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Charlie Daniels Band (1979)
The devil went to Georgia, but did he stay there? Oh no he didn't. Oh yes he did. Getting ahead of ourselves there, pantomime is for Christmas not Halloween!
The Road To Hell
Chris Rea (1989)
Is this the same road that AC/DC took, or a different route with the same destination?
Devil Woman
Cliff Richard (1976)
What is a devil woman? Is she the wife or the Lord of the Flies, or just someone who hangs out in the depths of hell?
So Cold The Night
Communards (1986)
A cold night is no place to be at Halloween. There's enough shivering going on with all the spooky activities hither and thither.
Dance With The Devil
Cozy Powell (1973)
Dancing with the devil is not recommended by even the most foolhardy of individuals, except Cozy Powell that is!
Bad Moon Rising
Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969)
When that bad moon rises, you better watch out because it will sneer at you behind your back when you're not looking. Naughty moon!
David Bowie is pretty scary at the best of times but surrounded by monsters and creeps, that's entering the realms of terrifying.
Something In My House
Dead Or Alive (1987)
What is scarier: a spook hanging around the house or Pete Burns, the lead singer of Dead Or Alive?
Heaven And Hell
Dio (1998)
Of course heaven and hell are just the two extreme options. There's also Liechtenstein which is somewhere in the middle.
I Can Cast A Spell
Disco Tex Presents Cloudburst (2001)
A loop from the now deceased Whitney Houston's I'm Every Woman provides the spellbinding ingredient.
A Nightmare On My Street
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (1988)
One has to wonder whether Mr Smith (as Jazzy Jeff is somewhat better known these days) lives on Elm Street.
Witch Doctor
Don Lang & His Frantic Five (1958)
Just remember not to incant the chorus's refrain of 'oo ee oo ah ah, ting tang, walla walla bang bang' too loudly.
Season Of The Witch
Donovan (1974)
Halloween is in autumn in the northern hemisphere, but spring in the southern, so exactly when is the season of the witch?
Where has the fear gone? Is it hiding, in fear of being fearful or has it revealed itself and shed its skin?
A View To A Kill
Duran Duran (1985)
OK, so it's from the James Bond movie of the same name, but even Bond likes a good ghost story.
The Killing Moon
Echo & The Bunnymen (1984)
Not just a bad moon rising, but one that will kill you. Don't turn your back on it now will you.
I'm Not Scared
Eighth Wonder Featuring
Patsy Kensit
Not scared indeed. That's just damned foolishness when faced with the kind of scary sights seen at Halloween.
Fallen Angel
Elbow (2003)
Another of those naughty angels who has turned to the dark side. Don't be misled by her otherwise pretty facade.
Evil Woman
Electric Light Orchestra (1976)
Not a devil woman, just an evil one. Is she a witch or just a devil woman who has lost her 'd'?
Ella Henderson (2014)
Take an old white bed-sheet, cut out a couple of eye holes and put it over your head. Now you're a ghost too.
(You're The) Devil In Disguise
Elvis Presley (1963)
Difficult to spot a devil in disguise, especially if they are wearing an old white bed-sheet over their head.
Bring Me To Life
Evanescence (2003)
To be brought to life, presumably one has to be dead first, or at least existentially so.
Frank Sinatra (1958)
We can't imagine Frank Sinatra sticking pins into an effigy of Bing Crosby, but perhaps that's what made him so successful.
Killing Me Softly
Fugees (1996)
How does one kill someone softly? It's easy. Just lock them in a room and play this song on repeat for 4 days.
Funeral For A Friend (2005)
Monsters, now we're getting somewhere. Monsters are exactly what you need to make a Halloween party finish abruptly.
Cold Day In Hell
Gary Moore (1992)
A song about the day in hell when everything unimportant is achieved. It will be such a day when this list of songs is of any use at all.
Licence To Kill
Gladys Knight (1989)
Another song from a James Bond movie giving Mr. Bond the permission to zap those errant zombies.
Live And Let Die
Guns N' Roses (1991)
Would you credit it? Yet another song from a James Bond movie this time summing up Halloween ghouls admirably, some are alive, and some are not.
Devil Inside
INXS (1987)
Thinking about it, this can't be a Halloween song, as the devil is most definitely out and about and not putting his feet up at home.
The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden (1982)
The number of the beast is actually derived from the formula 5.08 to the power of 4, but is often rounded to the nearest decimal place.
Japan (1982)
Not more ghosts? Don't these bands have anything more interesting to sing about. Oh, hang on, it's Japan. Sadly they don't.
Witches Promise
Jethro Tull (1972)
Last time a witch promised anything to Jethro Tull, he went off and wrote a song about it. So she took it back again and now the promise is lost for all time.
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky
Johnny Cash (1979)
What are the ghosts riding? If they were witches it would be a broom but aren't ghosts made of anti-existential steam and a would fall off a broom?
Freak On A Leash
Korn (1998)
It's not hard to imagine KoRn with walking around with a freak at the end of a piece of rope. Then again, that's true of most of the artists in this list.
Candy Candy
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (2012)
Bow Wow Wow might want candy, but Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has bucketloads of the stuff. Sweet beyond sickly.
Better The Devil You Know
Kylie Minogue (1990)
About as un-spooky as it comes, but Kylie poses a good question. Is it better to stick with a devil you know or find a new one? Discuss. And don't ask Steps or Sonia.
An interesting twist. Presumably Mr. Johnson wrote this song whilst under a spell. That must explain why it's so terrible.
No need to pretend here, L7. Your musicianship needs no explanation.
In For The Kill
La Roux (2010)
La Roux's singing is enough to cause fatalities in its own right, so the title of the song is somewhat irrelevant.
Halloween Spooks
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross (1962)
If ever jazz couldn't sound spooky, this isn't the song that won't prove the exception to the rule, ba-doob-a-wow, man!
Bleeding Love
Leona Lewis (2007)
That old devil called love has wreaked his revenge on the unwary and left them bloodied and morbid. Hang on, isn't that what regular love does too?
Kiss Me Deadly
Lita Ford (1988)
No thanks Lita, we'll stick to kissing people for which the outcome won't lead to a morbid outcome.
Amityville (House On The Hill)
Lovebug Starski (1986)
A horror story turned into a funky hip-hop track; it rather detracts from the scariness of it all.
Most people have gone home by the time the 01:02 service departs from Finchley train station but not Madness who like riding in empty carriages.
Addams Groove
MC Hammer (1991)
The theme tune to Addams Family movie, which as a PG rating was about as scary as a Tom and Jerry cartoon!
Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Loaf (1977)
Which is scariest? A bat risen from the depths of hell to cause havoc, or an over dramatic performance by a man named after his favourite food?
Michael Jackson (1982)
The most predictable song on this list by far. But it wouldn't be a list of Halloween songs without it now would it?
Moonlight Shadow
Mike Oldfield Featuring Maggie Riley (1983)
No one knows why it is so, but a shadow cast by the moon has been scientifically measured to be over 800 times more spooky than one cast by the sun.
You Have Killed Me
Morrissey (2006)
Actually Morrissey, it wasn't us that killed you, but in fact, the opposite. Your dreary songs drove us to suicide.
Broken Down Angel
Nazareth (1973)
Another angel who has left the path of righteousness for less wholesome persuits. This one has stopped working altogether.
Little Devil
Neil Sedaka (1961)
Just a small devil for Mr. Sedaka whose sugar-coated pop wouldn't be able to cope with one any larger.
Beautiful Monster
Ne-Yo (2010)
The worst kind of monster is a beautiful one, because you might end up kissing it before you discover its true identity. Yuk!
Where The Wild Roses Grow
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Featuring Kylie Minogue
A ballad about killing someone. Her name was Eliza Jane by the way if there are any detectives looking into the case.
Dead Man's Party
Oingo Boingo (1986)
We always thought Oingo Boingo was a character in The Demented Cartoon Movie. How wrong can you be?
Dracula's Wedding
Outkast Featuring Kelis (2003)
Dracula is welcome to marry Kelis. The two of them seem well suited.
Bark At The Moon
Ozzy Osbourne (1983)
The king of darkness himself is caterwauling at Earth's only natural satellite. Now that really is scary!
Misguided Ghosts
Paramore (2009)
More ghosts but this time with an eerie audio aura to go with them. In what way were they misguided? Perhaps their sat-nav was on the blink.
Ghost Dance
Patti Smith Group (1978)
'We shall live again' refrains the chorus of this ghoulish song. Perhaps have a word with Evanescence about bringing back to life?
Propaganda (1985)
The first cut won't hurt at all. The second only makes you wonder. The third will have you on your knees. You start bleeding, I start screaming!
Killer Queen
Queen (1974)
Many countries have royal families, but which has a female monarch that has committed murder? Freddie Mercury knows but you'll have to die to ask him.
R.E.M. (1993)
Don't go swimming at night, even if R.E.M. say it's a good idea, because it's dark and there are ghosts and monsters everywhere. It's silly and dangerous.
Ray Parker Junior (1984)
Who ya gonna call? Well most likely not a bunch of nerdy nincompoops as the film Ghostbusters would have you believe.
Somebody's Watching Me
Rockwell (1984)
Back in the 1980's being watched was a spooky idea. Today we all accept that our every move is being monitored by big brother.
Angel Eyes
Roxy Music (1979)
A lilting melody suggests that the eyes being seen by Bryan Ferry may not be as angelic as he seems to think they are.
That Old Black Magic
Sammy Davis, Jr (1955)
Ever wondered what the different is between old black magic and new black magic? It's simple: the chocolates are 20% smaller but the price is the same!
At Night
Shakedown (2002)
An upbeat song with a dark message. At night is when it all happens. Whooooooooooaaahh.
Simple Minds (1986)
The thing is... when you're ghostdancing, are you dancing with the Patti Smith Group, or just with a white sheet over your head?
Slacker (1996)
Scared? You should be. This song is so scary that if you speak it's name in front of a mirror with one eye closed, your reflection will disappear.
Murder On The Dancefloor
Sophie Ellis-Bextor (2001)
This kind of thing will continue to happen frequently as long as very pointy stiletto heels are in fashion.
Stan Ridgway (1992)
A song about being rescued by the ghost of a dead soldier. Imagine if all dead soldiers could do that, there would be no more casualties of war!
Stereophonics (2005)
A simple title belies a complex song. No it doesn't, we just wanted to use the word 'belies' as it sounds cool in a Halloween context.
The Hell Song
Sum 41 (2003)
One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock hell. Five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock hell...
Devil Gate Drive
Suzi Quatro (1974)
Maybe Suzi Quatro has happened upon the name for the aforementioned 'road to hell' or 'highway to hell'. Devil Gate Drive sounds very feasible.
Tenacious D (2001)
If you meet a shiny demon in the middle of the road, remember to sing this song to them or have your soul eaten.
The Automatic (2006)
What's that coming over the hill? It's a tired metaphor for a Halloween costume.
The Cranberries (1994)
Now here really is a song guaranteed to spoil any party except a Halloween one. Dull, dreary and downright deathly.
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (1968)
If this is the kind of song that the god of hell-fire brings you, then perhaps he could write a few more - they'd be bound to be a hit.
Lil' Devil
The Cult (1987)
Not the same as Mr. Sedaka's devil, but of a similar size. This one though is far more demonic.
Grimly Fiendish
The Damned (1985)
Being fiendish is bad enough when you're in a band called The Damned. But being grimly fiendish is taking it a bit too far.
People Are Strange
The Doors (1967)
People are strange, especially dressed in old white bed-sheet with holes cut in them. Or any Halloween costume for that matter.
A ghost in your house can be a real problem. Best thing to do is to call Ray Parker Junoir!
Race With The Devil
The Gun (1968)
Where would such a race take place? Maybe Devil Gate Drive, or the highway to hell, or whatever that road is called.
The Misfits (1981)
A song about Halloween, plainly and simply. Originally titled Thirty First of October, the new title was thought more snappy.
If everything she does is magic, that makes her a magician or a witch doesn't it? Which is it?
The Time Warp
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)
Only really a Halloween song if the time warp warps you to the date 31 October, otherwise it could be a Christmas or Easter song.
Sympathy For The Devil
The Rolling Stones (1968)
Feeling sorry for Lucifer there are we? If so, hum along with Mick Jagger and friends.
Ghost Town
The Specials (1991)
What is a ghost town? Is it a town full of ghosts? Or is it a town where the buildings are ghosts but the people are real. Actually it's Coventry!
Hell Raiser
The Sweet (1973)
Raising hell cannot be done lightly, or indeed heavily. It weighs so much, raising it needs flares and platform boots, which thankfully The Sweet had aplenty.
Killer On The Loose
Thin Lizzy (1980)
Avoid 'the loose' whatever you do. There's a killer on it. If you go near the loose it could mark the end for you.
A likely story. The devil made me do it. How often has that excuse been used?
So the hold me bit is fine. The thrill me bit is even better. But then you go and spoil it all with the killing bit. Typical of Bono.
Runnin' With The Devil
Van Halen (1978)
Another song concerned with speed and satan. Nice to hear that Dave Lee Roth goes jogging with old horn head though, isn't it?
Monsters And Angels
Voice Of The Beehive (1991)
A song about just about every Halloween party on the planet: monsters and angels. Though sometimes they can be one and the same thing so beware.
Aren't people in the morgue already dead? If so, how can you murder them? Could someone check with Charlie please.
Werewolves Of London
Warren Zevon (1978)
Unless you happen to be in London on the night of a full moon, there's little to be worried about here.
In The Midnight Hour
Wilson Pickett (1965)
What happens in the midnight hour? Don't wait to find out as Wilson did, just hide under the stairs.
Has Whoudini been talking to Adina Howard about this. Perhaps the two of them could get together for no fun at all.

OK, so there are over 100 in total, but just (trick or) treat that as something for nothing and be scared, very very scared, because when did anyone ever give you anything for nothing before...!
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